integrated RNA-seq Analysis Pipeline

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About iRAP

iRAP is a flexible computational pipeline for RNA-seq that integrates many existing tools for filtering and mapping reads, quantifying expression and testing for differential expression. It is aimed at a broad group of users with basic bioinformatics training and requires little experience with the command line but also provides more advanced users with the ability to customise the options used by their chosen tools.

Options on each stage of the pipeline

iRAP - an integrated RNA-seq Analysis Pipeline Nuno A. Fonseca , Robert Petryszak , John Marioni , Alvis Brazma bioRxiv doi:

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Suggestions and issues

Errors may occur while running one of the many different pieces of software included in iRAP (e.g., a mapper, a quantification method, etc). If this happens then please report the error directly to the developers of the software.

We always appreciate receiving suggestions for improvements, and reports of bugs in the pipeline or in the documentation.

Please submit the bugs or suggestions through the tracking system

Please post any questions about iRAP to the mailing list (